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Does your repeater have little to no GMRS traffic or do you live where there is no GMRS traffic? Are you looking to get more use out of your GMRS repeater or license?  If so then you need to Link it. The GMRS Linked Network is a FREE network that is using software called App_Rpt . Our Network of simplex and repeaters are linked together 24/7 using ROIP.  This Site is here to help inform you of what you will need to know to get you link with our network. There are how to videos to show you everything you need to know about this page from how to get the hardware to downloading the software.


Modified hardware

1:  Raspberry Pi 3B 

2: URI used for all radios 

3: URI Cables

4:RIM used for 16 Motorola radios

5:SD Card

           Click the pictures to order

Pictures are linked to order sites so all you have to do is Click the picture of what you would like to order

Click the software to Download 

For Windows


 MobaXterm SSH



Linux operating system and App_Rpt in 1 Download 

App_Rpt  WIFI

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